January 13th 2024

Strategic Foresighting Webinar

A powerful and systematic approach that illuminates the path forward

What You Would Gain

Learn Key Elements of Strategic Foresighting

Gain insights into the fundamental components and practices that make up strategic foresighting.

Understand the tools and methodologies used to navigate uncertainty and shape future outcomes.

Discover the Potential and Relevance of Foresighting in Today's Dynamic World

Explore how strategic foresighting is a powerful tool in navigating the rapid changes and complexities of the modern world.

Understand its relevance in anticipating challenges, identifying opportunities, and making informed decisions.

Exclusive Early Access to Insights that Drive Success!

Be among the first to access exclusive insights and foresights that can be a game-changer for your leadership journey.

Gain a competitive edge with early access to valuable knowledge and strategies that drive success in a rapidly changing world.

Open to Leaders Worldwide – Join from Anywhere!

Geographical boundaries are no limit; leaders from every corner of the globe are welcome to participate.

Connect with a diverse community of leaders, sharing experiences and insights from different perspectives.


Saturday January 13th, 2024


2 PM - 3 PM EST

8 PM - 9 PM NG

7 PM - 8 PM UK


Live Virtual Classroom

Who's Speaking

Seyi Agbede

The Leadership Growth Enabler

Seyi Agbede is the Leadership Growth Enabler and an experienced Learning and Development specialist who has helped numerous professionals accelerate their growth and achieve their career aspirations. With a focus on leadership growth and a passion for diversity, equity, and inclusion advocacy, Seyi has enabled individuals and businesses to enhance their leadership capacity and drive profitability.

Beginning his career as an educator, Seyi has since garnered extensive experience in both public and private institutions. He possesses a strong foundation in statistics and holds a BSc in Mathematics, MBA, and additional education and training qualifications from Highfields Universities in the UK and the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD, UK). Seyi is also currently pursuing a Masters in Leadership, demonstrating his commitment to ongoing learning and development.

Seyi is a frequent speaker and facilitator at seminars and conferences, providing valuable insights and sharing his expertise. He has also acted as a consultant for various public and private organizations. His membership in multiple professional organizations and active volunteering in charity groups is a testament to his dedication to his profession and his community.

Overall, Seyi's impressive track record of helping individuals and businesses achieve success has cemented his reputation as a highly sought-after coach in the field of leadership development.

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