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What's Included

Your TEA ONLINE Course (Lifetime Access)
Hands-On ONLINE Program Where:
  • Holistic Pedagogy: Educators will develop a deep understanding of pedagogical theories, effective curriculum design, and assessment practices to create engaging and inclusive learning experiences.

  • Digital Competence: Participants will gain digital literacy skills and the ability to seamlessly integrate technology into their teaching, including remote and hybrid learning environments.

  • Classroom Management: Educators will acquire essential classroom management techniques, fostering positive behavior, motivation, and a conducive learning environment.

  • Diversity and Inclusion: The program emphasizes the importance of differentiation, special education awareness, and cultural competence to cater to diverse student needs and promote equity.

  • Leadership and Innovation: Participants will cultivate leadership skills, research acumen, and entrepreneurial thinking, enabling them to adapt, lead change, and advocate for quality education.

Private Group and Individual Accountability Coaching
  • Live group and individual accountability coaching to guide you through the process, generate results and answer your questions.

Lifetime Access to Our YBSY Network
  • Your online family of TEA from all around the world, where you can share experiences, ask questions, and attend my regular live sessions.

  • Masterminding with like-minded individuals

  • Strong network

  • A place to share results and ask questions

Ongoing Online Live Training Sessions with Seyi Agbede or any of the other trainers
  • Ongoing Online Live Training Sessions to maximize results.

  • Homework Assignment Reviews

  • Q&A

  • Life-changing Challenges.


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